Post Op Care For Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you're having your wisdom teeth taken out, at a clinic like Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Associates, the procedure itself is rather intensive. Caring for your mouth afterwards is just as important as the tooth removal itself, so it's essential that you practice good post op care in order to ensure a smooth recovery. Here are some things to be aware of and what you should do following a wisdom teeth removal procedure. Read More 

Tips For Getting Used To Your Braces

If you are going to be having braces put on, you want to learn about the various things you can do to make the experience as comfortable on you as possible. The transition to braces can be a difficult one if you don't know what you're expecting, but educating yourself can make a big difference. This article is full of helpful ideas you can put to good use to get used to your braces quickly and enjoy an easy transition. Read More 

3 Tips For Caring For Your New Porcelain Veneers

Whether you have just had your new porcelain veneers put on or you are getting ready for your appointment, you will want to review the following tips for caring for them. This way, the money and time invested into your new smile will not be wasted. Avoid Stain Causing Substances Your veneers might be a little more susceptible to stains than your natural teeth were. This is not to say that your natural teeth could not have become stained over the years from these things, but the veneers will show the stains much quicker. Read More 

Benefits of Whitening Your Teeth with Veneers

If you would like to brighten the look of your teeth, there are multiple teeth-whitening options available. You can use an over-the-counter bleaching product or a professional home whitening kit. In addition, you can schedule an appointment to have a teeth-whitening solution professionally applied at your dentist's office. Each of these options offers varying degrees of whitening due to differences in application and concentrations of bleach. However, each type of bleaching system can cause some degree of dental sensitivity, even though it is minimized with the professional in-office application because of specialized gels that are not designed to deeply penetrate the pores of your teeth. Read More 

3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Smile At Home

Do you hold back smiles because you're not comfortable with the way your teeth look? If yellow stains and plaque build-up are preventing you from smiling or laughing, then you may want to consider ways to improve the appearance of your smile. To improve your smile through teeth whitening, you may want to take matters into your own hands and try some at-home solutions if you are unable to visit your dentist soon. Read More