What Are Hidden Dental Cavities And How Do You Know If You Have One?

A cavity occurs when acid produced by the bacteria in your mouth eats away at the surface of one of your teeth. Cavities can lead to serious dental problems because they can expose the root of your tooth to bacteria that can cause infection.  While you're sometimes able to see a cavity when you look at your teeth in the mirror or feel it with your tongue, some cavities are hidden. Read More 

Bleeding Gums: Less Common Causes And Effective Treatments

Most everyone has experienced bleeding gums at one time or another. It usually means that you need to step up your dental hygiene routine and visit your dentist. If your bleeding gums persist despite improving your oral hygiene routine and getting professional teeth cleanings and checkups, your dentist may suspect that one of the following conditions is the culprit. Scurvy While scurvy is not as common as it once was, it still occurs. Read More