Need A Dental Filling? Know The Differences Between These 4 Materials

Have you just been told that you have a cavity and need to get a dental filling to fix it? If so, you may be wondering which filling material will be best for you. Here is some key information about 4 of those filling materials that you can use.

1. Composite

The main reason that many dental patients decide to get composite dental fillings is because of how the material looks. The composite material looks exactly like the tooth it is going into, which causes it to look seamless once it is placed in your tooth. This can avoid the look that is caused by other materials, where it looks like something is stuck in your teeth from a distance.

While composite is not the cheapest material, it may be worth the upgrade depending on where the cavity is. A cavity in the side of one of your front teeth will be worth having this material used to hide the damage.

2. Ceramic

If you want a filling that blends in with your teeth, the next step up from composite is a ceramic filling. It has the same visual benefits of using composite material, but the ceramic material won't stain over the years. The main downfall is that ceramic lacks the strength of other materials, so you'll need to replace a ceramic filling sooner.

3. Amalgam

If you are on a budget, an amalgam filling is going to be best for you. These fillings have a silver appearance once placed in your teeth, which is why it is often used for molars and other teeth in the back of the mouth. Not only are these fillings affordable, but they can be very tough once placed in the tooth. It may be many years before you see a complication with the amalgam material that is used.

4. Gold

If the strength of a filling is your main concern, you should select a gold dental filling to fix your cavity. While the material is visible just like an amalgam fillings silver appearance, you'll find that gold lasts even longer than competing materials. This makes them ideal for rear teeth that require a lot of chewing power

Selecting a filling material shouldn't be something that you do alone. Always seek out a recommendation from your dentist to see what they think. Getting a professional recommendation on a dental filling material gives you more information about any of these options.