3 Types Of Oral Surgery That May Be Used To Treat Your Child’s Infected Tooth

If your child develops an infection within one of his or her teeth, the treatment may involve oral surgery. Here are three types of oral surgery that may be used to address the problem: A Root Canal A root canal involves the full removal of the pulp or living tissue that resides within the inner chambers of a tooth. The pulp, which houses the dental nerves and blood supply of the teeth, is suctioned away during a root canal. Read More 

3 Cosmetic Dental Applications To Give You The Teeth Of A Celebrity

If you want the flawless smile of a Hollywood celebrity, some adjustments to your teeth may be needed. There are multiple cosmetic dental procedures that can be performed to transform the look of your teeth. Here are a few of them: Dental Bonding Composite bonding material can be applied to your teeth to restore the look of damaged areas, such as cracks and chips. In addition, the bonding material can fill interdental spaces that make your teeth look spaced or gapped. Read More 

2 Reasons To Visit A Dentist That Offers Same-Day Crowns

A crown is a very useful dental device that is designed to protect a tooth that has decayed or broken to the point where a normal filling is insufficient. When a crown procedure is performed, the tooth will be cleaned of decay and prepared for the application of a permanent crown that is typically applied during a second appointment several days or weeks later. However, this process can be a bit inconvenient, so many dentists offer same-day crown procedures because they have purchased the crown fabrication equipment to use in their office rather than ordering from a dental lab. Read More 

2 Tips For Keeping Your Child’s Fixed Space Maintainer Clean

In order for a space maintainer to prevent your child's baby teeth from moving into the open gaps that were left by their missing teeth, it needs to be worn at all times. In order to do this, your dentist may install a fixed space maintainer. Since a fixed space maintainer cannot be removed, it will be harder to thoroughly clean under and around it. If your child's space maintainer is not kept clean, this can lead to bacteria growth around the gum line. Read More 

2 Dental Challenges Of Toddlerhood

If your little one's teeth adhered to the average eruption cycle, his or her first incisors probably started presenting when he or she was between six and ten months of age.  By the time your child reaches toddlerhood, he or she likely has most of his or her primary teeth. Although no adult teeth have presented, there are multiple dental concerns that a toddler may encounter. Here are a few of them: Read More