3 Ways Dental Implants Protect Your Remaining Teeth

If you have one or more missing teeth and are considering options to replace them, dental implants are the way to go. In addition to being strong, resilient, and nearly impossible to tell apart from real teeth, they also do a great job of keeping your remaining teeth healthy. Read on to learn more about how dental implants can benefit your surviving teeth.

Less Wear and Tear

Your teeth are a part of a carefully balanced system. Every tooth has a job and shares in the pressure and wear and tear of eating. Unfortunately, when one or more teeth go missing, this is all thrown out of balance.

The teeth you have around the missing tooth are now being exposed to more pressure than before. This can wear them down, make them ache, or even force them into a crooked position. Getting an implant put in will return your mouth to its normal balance and ensure your teeth aren't getting stressed under excess pressure.

Jaw Strength

While on the subject of pressure, you should know that not all pressure is a bad thing. Pressure is an integral part of keeping your jaw strong, but most people's bodies need all their teeth to do it. Teeth act like a bridge between what you're chewing and your jawbone. The tooth goes all the way down into the jaw and transmits pressure into the bone when you bite down. This pressure encourages your jawbone to grow new bone cells, which keep it healthy and strong.

Dental implants transfer pressure just like real teeth do. Instead of losing bone density, which can put your remaining teeth at risk, you'll keep your jaw strong and healthy.

Gum Circulation

Lastly, consider that dental implants help to keep your gums healthy, too. Pressure is also something your gums need. While blood is always flowing into and out of your gums, the bites you take help to maintain circulation in your gums. It's like how exercising gets your blood pumping, but on a more localized level: the activity of chewing makes your blood circulate more effectively in your gums. Healthy gums are necessary in order to support your remaining teeth, so dental implants are a great tool for supporting your gum health.

Dental implants can do a lot to keep your mouth healthy and your remaining teeth right where they belong. If you've been unsure what tooth replacement method is right for you, talk to a dentist to find out more about implants.