Need A Dental Crown? 3 Questions About This Dental Procedure

Getting a dental crown is a quite common dental procedure. However, it can still seem very scary to you if you have never received a dental crown before. If you're about to get a dental crown for the first time, here are some common questions you may have.

1. In What Situations Is A Dental Crown Needed? 

Your first thought may be if a dental crown is really necessary for your situation. Be aware that crowns are only used in situations where the tooth is not structurally stable. Putting pressure on the tooth can cause the tooth to fracture if you are not careful, which can lead to having an infection form in the tooth due to bacteria that enters it. Having a dental crown put on the tooth minimizes these risks and gives the tooth additional strength.

2. Will Getting A Dental Crown Feel Painful?

Expect to feel some mild discomfort when a dentist places a dental crown on your tooth, which is to be expected with any type of dental work. It is often compared to how having a cavity filled is like, since Novocaine is used to numb the tooth before any dental work is performed. You may actually feel some relief soon after the crown is installed since doing so requires fixing whatever oral health problem led to the need for a dental crown. If pain is a concern about getting a dental crown, know that it will only help the tooth feel better.

3. Do Crowns Need Replacement?

A dental crown is designed to last for a long time without any issues. However, it is possible that the dental crown will require replacement at some point. Dental crowns can see a lot of wear and tear from years of use, which can cause it to break down. Common problems include adhesive that breaks down and will cause the dental crown to fall off the tooth. If this happens to you, know that you do not need to get a brand-new crown made. Your dentist can actually take the existing crown and reattach it to your tooth. This helps you save money by not needing a new dental crown constructed.

Still have questions about getting a dental crown? Be sure to schedule a consultation with a dentist. They'll be able to walk you through the entire procedure, explain the risks, and address any concerns that you have before getting it done.