What You Need to Know About Tongue Scrapers

While there is a huge focus on brushing your teeth twice a day, most people ignore the need to clean their tongue. Using a tongue scraper can be a very practical thing to do if you want to see some health benefits, however. Your tongue is a breeding site for bacteria, so it's important that you keep your tongue clean. Buying Your Tongue Scraper You might have noticed tongue scrapers before while in the dental aisle of your local grocery store, since they are sold with toothbrushes, mouthwashes, and toothpastes. Read More 

Do You Have a Pulsing Sensation in Your Teeth?

If you have a tooth that has a pulsing sensation coming from it, is this anything to be concerned about? This pulsing sensation could be a warning sign that there is something wrong with the tooth, so it is a good idea to have it examined by a dentist. Here are four common causes of that strange feeling in your tooth. Sinus Pressure When having a sinus infection or a cold, your sinuses will swell up due to inflammation, which is what puts additional pressure on your tooth's nerves. Read More 

Interested In Invisible Braces? What To Know

If you've been told that you have to have some kind of tooth alignment assistance to straighten your teeth, your first thought might be to try out invisible braces like Invisalign. These braces are in fact custom-built, clear trays that guide your teeth into place after a period of time. Because they are clear, you may prefer them to the traditional, wire-based braces. Here are some things you should be aware of if invisible braces seem like a good idea to you. Read More 

2 Tips To Help Reduce Gum Disease If You Cannot Afford Dental Care

Along with a proper home dental care routine, regular dental checkups are needed in order to screen for early signs of gum disease. Without the help of a dentist, it is difficult to know how bad your condition is until it is in the later stages. By this time, it may be more difficult to get rid of your gum disease without having to undergo more intensive procedures, like a root canal. Read More 

4 Healthy Foods That Will Stain Your Teeth

Most people know that drinking soda or smoking cigarettes can stain your teeth. There's a solution to this: simply quit drinking soda and stop smoking cigarettes. However, what about food and drink that are actually good for you? There are some things that give you health benefits, and also stain your teeth, so you should continue enjoying them. In order to combat the deleterious effects on your smile, visit a dentist to have your teeth cleaned. Read More