4 Healthy Foods That Will Stain Your Teeth

Most people know that drinking soda or smoking cigarettes can stain your teeth. There's a solution to this: simply quit drinking soda and stop smoking cigarettes. However, what about food and drink that are actually good for you? There are some things that give you health benefits, and also stain your teeth, so you should continue enjoying them. In order to combat the deleterious effects on your smile, visit a dentist to have your teeth cleaned. 

Here are 4 healthy things that you should be aware of that will stain your teeth.


Coffee is a dark colored drink and it is acidic. This means that it will stain your teeth. It doesn't matter if you add lots of milk or cream, it will still stain your teeth. Just because the coffee has changed from dark black, to a light mocha, it is still going wreck havoc on your pearly whites. Some people try drinking their cup of coffee with a straw, but unless you're a fan of ice coffee, that's not really feasible. Can you really see yourself drinking a cup of hot coffee with a straw? No, so just enjoy your coffee and then make sure to see a dentist to keep a white smile.

One big reason you should keep drinking coffee? It can help in the prevention brain diseases such as dementia.

Blueberries (And Other Berries)

If you've ever accidentally gotten crushed berries on your white slacks, dress, or tablecloth, then you know how strong the pigments in berries are. They will stain your teeth, but that doesn't mean you should stop eating them. They are heart healthy and can also help prevent certain types of cancer.

Red Wine

Red wine is another notorious stainer. The tannins in wine that give it flavor also cause tooth staining.

But you shouldn't think you have to switch to white wine because red wine is super healthy. It has been can help raise the "good" cholesterol and also has other heart-healthy benefits.


If you love Indian cuisine, then you will likely end up eating the spice turmeric. It's a main component in many curries. It's also a very a very powerful staining agent. In fact, it's sometimes used to dye clothing. So, it will surely stain your teeth.

However, it's definitely a healthy spice. There is some research that suggests that chemicals in turmeric can help to prevent cancer cells from spreading.

For more information, talk to a professional like Scott W. Murphy, D.M.D., P.A.