Interested In Invisible Braces? What To Know

If you've been told that you have to have some kind of tooth alignment assistance to straighten your teeth, your first thought might be to try out invisible braces like Invisalign. These braces are in fact custom-built, clear trays that guide your teeth into place after a period of time. Because they are clear, you may prefer them to the traditional, wire-based braces. Here are some things you should be aware of if invisible braces seem like a good idea to you.

You Should Not Use Regular Toothpaste for Cleaning

You may think that keeping the clear trays clean is as easy as brushing them out with a toothbrush and the same toothpaste you use for your own teeth. This can be especially problematic, however. Many commercial toothpastes on the market use abrasives that can end up scratching the clear trays over time, which can result in a less than perfect look. Not only that, but chemicals in regular toothpaste can affect the material of the braces and cause them to seem a bit yellowish over time.

Therefore, make sure that you only use a toothbrush and some water to keep your braces clean.

You Must Exercise Care with Teeth-Staining Substances

Typically, anything that stains your teeth could stain the invisible braces as well. To prevent that, use straws when you're drinking wine, coffee, tea and other staining substances. This can help prevent extensive cleaning and extended time when the braces are out of your mouth. You can also avoid things that may result in staining and stick with club soda or water.

You Have to Wear Them Most of the Day

Because the trays are so easily removable, you might forget to put them back in right away or spend periods of time without them for snacking or enjoying beverages that could stain them. Eventually, that could mean you aren't wearing the braces for hours. Keep in mind that recommended wear time is generally about 22 hours a day, so a decision to get invisible braces will be a commitment to wearing the braces most of the time. Check with your own orthodontist to be sure what the time requirements might be for your particular set of braces.

With the above information in hand, talk to a local orthodontist, such as those found at Sunshine Dentistry, about these and other issues that may affect whether or not clear braces are a good choice for you. They can give you more guidance.