4 Ways Wisdom Teeth Removal Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

Many teens or young adults develop a set of molars that can be valuable if they erupt without problems. Unfortunately, sometimes wisdom teeth lack enough room to emerge straight from the gumlines. This can come with great pain and pressure. Therefore, your dentist might recommend extracting the impacted teeth. This piece will highlight why a wisdom tooth extraction might help improve your quality of life.

1. Avoid Teeth Misalignment

Wisdom teeth might cause overcrowding if they force their way out of the gums. As a result, other adjacent teeth will shift, trying to create enough room for the molars to erupt. Unfortunately, the shift causes other teeth to become crooked. Your dentist will need to remove the molars and put you on orthodontic treatment to realign the crooked teeth. This can lead to inconveniences, expenses, and several dental visits. Instead, you might want to act early to avoid teeth misalignment and protect your smile.

2. Prevent Orofacial Discomfort

You'll know you have an impacted molar if you experience swollen and bleeding gums, jaw pain, unexplained headaches, and jaw stiffness. All these symptoms lower the quality of your life due to discomfort and pain.

Due to the orofacial pain, you might have difficulty eating or speaking. Although some patients depend on pain medication to counter the discomfort, they don't provide lasting solutions. The specialist will consider extracting the molar to provide lasting pain relief. You'll be able to eat your meals easily and speak without experiencing pain.

3. Keep the Oral Infections at Bay

As the impacted molar erupts and shifts teeth in your mouth, it can create areas that are hard to reach with a toothbrush. As a result, harmful bacteria in these hidden spots may cause cavities, tooth loss, and infections.

If the infections are left untreated for a long time, they can spread under the gums and affect the nerves. In the worst-case scenario, the infections can get into the bloodstream and cause sepsis, a life-threatening reaction to the infection. Therefore, you might want to address the problem before it gets to this point.

4. Protect Adjacent Teeth

Wisdom tooth removal is the best way to avoid problems with an impacted molar. As a wisdom tooth squeezes itself past the gums, it can grind adjacent teeth, causing sensitivity. The pressure can also weaken the roots and enamel, making them more susceptible to cavities. Therefore, you might lose your teeth or need to undergo root canal surgeries because you failed to protect the adjacent teeth. This is one of the reasons your dentist might recommend a wisdom tooth extraction.

If you think you need wisdom tooth removal, you might want to seek help urgently. You can avoid many issues and save money by removing the problematic tooth ASAP. Contact the specialists for a thorough examination and timely tooth extraction.