4 Things To Expect At Your First Appointment With A New Dentist

Switching to a new dentist is an experience that may fill you with anxiety, which is normal. Even though dentists generally do the same job, each dentist has a unique way of doing things. Here are a few things to expect at your first appointment with a new dentist.

1. An Introduction

The introduction period is simple where you get to know the dentist, and they get to ask you a few medical questions. The dentist may tell you their name during this part, inform you about their experience level, and explain some of their services. A decent dentist will let you ask them a few questions or clarification for you to gain confidence in their craft.

2. A Records and Paperwork Session

Before switching dentists, remember to request your dental records from your previous dentist. This move is important because your new dentist will ask you about your previous dental records before treating you.

Previous dental records help the new dentist identify previous issues you may have and the procedure you need in the future. The records are also necessary to guide the new dentist in creating a dental plan for you. 

3. A Discussion of Concerns

A healthy discussion of concerns is guaranteed in the initial appointment with a new dentist. The new dentist will probably ask you if you have dental anxiety during this session. Be honest when discussing these concerns, as it helps the doctor know how best to deal with you.

The doctor may also ask you to explain any dental issues you might have had in the past. Prepare to get questions about how you would like to go about your dental care and a general discussion of the state of your teeth.

For example, tell your dentist about your fear of injections so that they can give you alternative medications if your condition allows.

4. A Dental Exam

Often, your appointment with your new dentist ends with a dental exam. First, the new dentist has to check the state of your teeth. In addition, the dentist will check your gums for anything unusual such as redness or inflammation. The jaws and muscles will also get assessed before the dentist checks for other obvious problems.

If you have dental implants, your new dentist will assess them to ascertain if they are in their best condition. For example, dental braces might become loose if now well taken care of.

After the examination, the new dentist will tell you what they think about your teeth. They might also give you a dental plan and advise on the following appointment dates.

Anxiety during your first dentist appointment is normal. Therefore, note what to expect during your first appointment to become comfortable. For more information, contact a dentist near you.