3 Cosmetic Dental Procedures For More Beautiful Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry can help your teeth look as beautiful as possible. Cosmetic dental treatments are sometimes used when damage or decay is present, but it's also possible to seek these treatments even if you have perfectly healthy teeth. Learning about the various types of cosmetic dental treatments that are available can help you decide what to ask for when you visit your dentist's office. Here are three dental procedures that fall under the category of cosmetic dentistry:

1. Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth whitening treatment is one of the most common forms of cosmetic dentistry. In fact, some people even choose to whiten their teeth at home. However, you can get better results when you seek professional teeth whitening services at your dentist's office.

Teeth whitening treatments utilize peroxide to bleach the surface of your tooth enamel. Lightning the color of your tooth enamel can remove the yellow tint that can occur when teeth are stained by food, drinks, and cigarettes. Teeth whitening treatment can be performed in a single office appointment, although you may want to schedule additional treatments in the future for maintenance. During your procedure, your dentist will be careful to avoid touching the teeth whitening solution to your gums or lips in order to prevent irritation. 

2. Dental Bonding

Dental bonding can be used for restorative dentistry as well as for purely cosmetic purposes. The dentist adheres a composite resin that matches your tooth color to your tooth's surface. Sometimes, this resin is used to protect teeth that have had cavities removed with a dental drill. In other cases, composite resin is bonded to the surface of a tooth in order to repair cracked or chipped enamel. Dental bonding can even be used to replace old fillings made from amalgam and other dark, highly visible materials for an improved smile. 

3. Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can be used to replace missing teeth. When you get a dental bridge, a prosthetic tooth will be designed to fit perfectly in the gap in your mouth. This tooth will be attached by one or two dental crowns that will be used to cap the adjacent teeth. Dental bridges can be indistinguishable from normal teeth. They can be used to replace teeth anywhere in your mouth, from your back molars to your front teeth. People who are hesitant to choose invasive tooth replacement methods, such as dental implants, can still benefit from dental bridges.