How to Achieve a Better Smile Faster with Invisalign

There is a reason your orthodontist recommended an Invisalign treatment for you — it's effective. However, with the right actions on your part, you can make the treatment even more beneficial. Learn what you can do to make your smile even more beautiful and reduce the amount of time you have to wear Invisalign. 

Listen to Your Provider

The goal of your orthodontist is to help you achieve your smile goal. In addition to recommending and fitting the Invisalign trays, your provider will also assess the condition of your teeth and come up with a specifically tailored treatment regimen. It's critical to listen to your provider if you want to receive the best results. 

First, make sure you wear the trays for the recommended time. While it might feel odd at first, remember that the trays will only start to feel more natural if you continue to wear them. Second, if your provider recommends that you wear rubber bands along with the Invisalign trays to prevent shifting, don't fight it. Wearing the bands will only help align your teeth faster. 

Clean the Trays

Bacteria in the mouth can stifle your smile restoration journey. Make it a point to regularly clean the Invisalign tray to shorten your treatment time and better ensure you reach your smile goals. The bacteria that can naturally rest inside the tray will come in contact with your teeth. 

Over time, this contact can increase your risk of tooth decay and even gum disease, which can cause your teeth to loosen or shift. Food particles that get trapped inside the tray can also alter the fit of the Invisalign, which can prevent it from working correctly. Your provider will tell you how to keep your tray clean. 

Store Correctly

People that wear their Invisalign trays without any disruptions in their treatment have better results in a shorter amount of time than people who don't. Don't lose your trays to avoid a problem. If you lose the tray, you have to make another appointment with your provider to have them replaced, then wait to have them formed. Combined, this entire replacement process could take weeks. You will be provided with a special case to keep your trays in when not in use, so make sure you use it. In addition to keeping them safe, the case will also help keep the trays cleaner. 

Your dental provider will be able to answer any questions you have about getting the most from this orthodontic treatment, so don't hesitate to speak up and ask questions.