Ceramic Vs. Metal Braces: Which Is The Better Option For Your Child?

When your child needs braces, you might have a lot of concerns, but it's a big deal to them, too. As technology advances, the number of choices you have increases, leaving you and your child with a few decisions to make. One of those decisions is likely to be between ceramic and metal braces; however, with a little knowledge and a friendly discussion of the matter, the choice should become evident.

Advantage: Ceramic

Ceramic braces are strong, durable, and a bit more discreet than metal. They're still going to straighten and align your child's teeth, so if your child is feeling particularly self-conscious about the new mouth gear, ceramic may be preferred. Beyond the minimalistic appearance of ceramic braces, the elastic worn to keep them snug can be white or tooth-colored, making them even more invisible.

The ceramic version of braces is also nearly immovable, just like its metal counterpart, with the help of a super-strong adhesive and plasma lighting. If you're thinking that ceramic may mean lightweight, like the dishes or mugs in your cabinets, think again, as this material is tried-and-tested for braces and isn't likely to come loose, break, or chip.

Contrary to internet rumors, the ceramic brackets on your child's braces aren't going to leave damage marks behind when removed. "Ceramic" may refer to actual ceramic, porcelain, or even plastic; you can ask your dental professional for their preference of use or specific to your child's teeth, but no matter what they're made of, removal is a snap and shouldn't leave a mark. Each bracket is loosened with special dental pliers and the entire set (of braces) comes off, usually in one piece, followed by a polish, which removes the adhesive.

Advantage: Metal

If your child is heavy into pop, rap, and other elements of modern culture, they're probably a fan of "bling," and that's a major driving force in many kids' decisions to opt for metal braces. The silver glimmers and shines and is easily decked out with different elastic colors, creating a unique display of personality and artistic style. Numerous celebs have shown the world how braces can enhance a smile, both while wearing them and after they've worked their magic.

For your family's budget, metal may be more economical, depending on the circumstances. If cost is a major influence on your decision, get clarification from your dentist or orthodontist prior to offering an option to your child which may be less feasible economically.

Wearing time may be shorter with metal braces over ceramic, and that can be a big plus for some kids. If your child is seriously wanting to minimize the time they'll have the braces on, ask about self-ligating braces, which can considerably reduce wearing time and are available in both metal and ceramic types.

How A Mix Of Ceramic And Metal Braces Could Be The Winning Combo

Because the ceramic braces are less visible, if your child is inclined to want them over the metal, they may be a candidate for a combination of the two. Ceramic braces on the top teeth mean they're not so obvious during conversations or when smiling, while the more robust metal can be applied to the lower teeth, if your dentist recommends it. So long as the top teeth don't require extensive correction, your child could have the best of both worlds; however, this dual option isn't available to all patients, so be sure and check with the dentist or orthodontist before making any promises to your child. Hopefully, they'll be able to pick and choose to their liking, while getting the maximum adjustments needed for their teeth.

The major advantage with any kind of braces when you and your child are making the big decision is that no matter what you choose, the results will be an improved smile, and that's something you both want. Emphasize how beneficial (and attractive) straight and even teeth are and how the time wearing them is so short in comparison to the time enjoying the results. That way, whether you select metal or ceramic braces, your child should be enthusiastic about the process, looking forward to the superior smile they'll eventually achieve.

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