3 Surprising Foods That Can Stain Your Teeth

Brushing and flossing as recommended and visiting your dentist regularly are important tasks for a healthy smile. Unfortunately, your teeth may discolor and stain over time even when following your dentist's recommendations. While not a life-threatening problem, stained teeth can negatively affect your self-esteem, leading to issues in your personal and professional life. You most likely already know that coffee and soda can discolor your teeth, but a few surprising foods and beverages that you may consume everyday can also decrease your smile's appeal. To improve your smile, avoid these surprising foods.

Soy Sauce

You probably do not consume large amounts of soy sauce each day, but many of your favorite foods could contain this tooth-staining liquid. Hibachi establishments, sushi restaurants, and Chinese eateries all consider soy sauce a staple in their dishes.

The sauce contains dark pigments, which can quickly discolor your teeth. However, most brands of soy sauce contain soy proteins with hydrochloric acid. These acids weaken the surface enamel, increasing the risk of staining. Of course, the weakened enamel also puts your teeth at risk of cavities, decay, and even gum disease.

White Wine

Most people understand how the dark red pigments in red wine stain your teeth. Due to the risk of tooth discoloration, you may choose to drink white wine only. Unfortunately, this switch will not save your smile from tooth staining.

White wine contains high acidic properties, which can quickly erode your tooth enamel. Without a sufficient protective layer, your teeth will be more susceptible to sensitivity, cavities, infections, decay, and stains.

Drinking white wine is a safer option when compared to red wine, but you should use precaution to reduce stains. Consider drinking water to rinse away acids after each sip of your wine. Also, brush your teeth thoroughly after a few glass of red OR white wine.


Fruit is an imperative part of a well-balanced diet, but consuming too many berries can alter your color's smile.

The natural deep hues in strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries can quickly discolor your teeth. Worrying about the color of berries is not nearly enough, since these fruits contain an enormous amount of natural sugars that can stick to your teeth and erode your surface enamel.

If you just cannot give up these small, juicy fruits, make sure to drink water and brush your teeth after eating a handful. Also, use floss to remove small seeds from in between your teeth.

Cutting back coffee, tea, and soda are obvious ways to reduce the risk of tooth discoloration, but reducing your intake of these surprising foods is also important. To learn more about keeping your teeth white, contact a cosmetic dentistry expert!