Unhappy With Your Smile? Try These Options

If you are an adult and you don't like how crooked your smile is, but you have already went through the process of having braces as an adolescent and don't want to try again, there are some things you want to consider. Many patients don't like the shape of their teeth, the alignment or the color, and this can all be changed.

You don't have to go through the same process that you endured when you were younger to get a better smile, and there are actually more effective options now available. Talk with a cosmetic dentist about the following.

Clear Straightening Trays

Straightening trays are clear plastic mouthpieces that go around the teeth, and they slowly shift your teeth into proper alignment. You will get new trays as the teeth start moving, and these are so thin and clear that it's difficult to tell you are wearing anything that is corrective.

These trays can be taken out as you eat, so food doesn't get stuck and you don't get embarrassed, and they are simple to clean. You can correct your smile while you work, talk and live your life, and no one has to see it but you.

Professional Whitening

If you aren't happy with the color of your teeth, professional whitening is the most effective way to whiten your smile, and you will get results when you walk out of the office that day. You decide how many treatments you need to get the teeth as white as you wish.

Shaping The Teeth

If you feel like your teeth are oversized, that they have an odd shape, or you can see chips and uneven wearing, ask the cosmetic dental specialist to shape the teeth for you. This way they all look appropriately sized, they don't show chips or jagged edges, and they all look great when you smile.

If your smile has been bothering you for some time, but you have already had braces once and you don't want to do braces again, see if some newer and more modern teeth straightening options could be more beneficial. Fixing crooked teeth that you have will help to improve your oral health, because you won't have areas that are hard to floss and brush, and it's going to help you extend the life of your smile. Talk with the cosmetic professionals to get your teeth repaired so you are happy to smile again.