2 Tips To Protect Your Transparent Braces From Discoloration

While braces are commonly seen in young children and teenagers, adults may need to get braces later on in life in order to fix a crooked smile. Wearing braces as an adult can feel unappealing to many people. In order to solve this issue, transparent braces are designed to help blend in with the rest of your teeth These braces are made out of ceramic instead of metal, which can then be made transparent. This makes wearing braces not as obvious but can also result in discoloration. Once your transparent braces become stained or discolored, they will stand out much more. Luckily, there are a few measures that you can take in order to prevent discoloration while wearing transparent braces.

Avoid Drinking Dark Colored Beverages

It is often recommended by dentists to stay away from dark colored beverages like soda and coffee in order to prevent staining and discoloration to your natural teeth. This same rule should be applied when wearing transparent braces. Your braces can stain almost as easily as your natural teeth. The transparent areas of your braces will soak up the color of your favorite soda or coffee. Before long, you will be dealing with braces that have turned into an off-brown color. If you find it difficult to remove dark beverages from your diet altogether, then you can minimize the number of times you consume these drinks. The less contact that these beverages have with your braces, the less potential damage they may end up causing.

Avoid Smoking During this Time

Smoking can also have the same negative effect on your transparent braces that drinking dark beverages can. The nicotine and tar that are present in cigarettes change the color of your teeth to a yellow or brownish color. This same discoloration can contaminate your braces. Therefore, once you get your braces installed, is important to stop smoking while you wear them. Avoiding smoking during this time will not only help to preserve the look of your braces, but it will help to promote a healthier mouth and body. Since quitting cold turkey can be extremely difficult, you can try to give up the habit a few months before getting your braces to ensure that you are able to abstain once they are installed.

Dealing with discoloration on your transparent braces can be embarrassing; therefore, use these tips to ensure that your braces remain unstained. Contact a company like Pine Lake Dental Group for more information.