Nervous About Getting Dental Implants? 3 Facts To Help Soothe Your Nerves

If you are contemplating getting dental implants, you may have some questions about the entire process. Many people become nervous or squeamish at the thought of having dental implants in place due to the extensive work that has to be done in the mouth. Here are some facts about the procedure that may open you up to the process:

The Implant Process is Pre-Planned

When you and your orthodontist make the decision to go ahead with dental implants, you will need to be prepared for some tests and procedures that must be done before the implants can be placed. The doctor will take many x-rays of your mouth to determine your bite so he or she can see exactly where the implants need to be placed. The doctor will then make a plan to accurately place the implants and can avoid any potential problems during the procedure.

The Procedure is Practically Painless

Another thing to keep in mind is that the implant procedure itself is virtually painless. Pain is often a reason people choose not to seek this type of dental care. However, many patients are pleasantly surprised to learn that the use of anesthesia injections in the implantation area are all that are needed to keep them comfortable during the process. The only sensation that can be expected are feelings of vibrations while the implants are placed. However, if that is disconcerting to patients, many orthodontists are happy to provide their patients with anti-anxiety medications to soothe their nerves.

The Pain Afterward is Minimal

A common misconception about dental implant surgery is that the recovery can be painful. Fortunately, many patients report that the pain afterward is quite minimal. There may be a bit of soreness the day after, similar to what you would have after a filling or extraction. However, the only pain medication that is needed is some ibuprofen every few hours for any lingering discomfort. The doctor may provide you with a prescription for pain medication, but many patients often decide that it is not necessary. In addition to ibuprofen, the doctor may also provide you with an oral antibiotic as well as a mouth rinse to keep your mouth from becoming infected.

Getting any major dental work can often be nerve wracking. However, it is important to remember how much technology has improved so many dental procedures to decrease any levels of discomfort. If you are in need of dental implants or other orthodontia, be sure to make an appointment with your orthodontist or an oral surgeon, like those at Central PA Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons LLC.