The Problems With A Crossbite, And How Braces Can Help

Misaligned teeth can make it frustrating for a child to chew food. The problem is typically caused from an oral health condition called crossbite that can be corrected with braces. In this article, you will find out why crossbite is causing your child to struggle with chewing food and how braces can correct the problem.

Why Does Crossbite Cause a Child to Struggle with Chewing Food?

If you look at your child's teeth, observe them to see if there is any leaning towards the tongue or jaws to determine if he or she possibly has crossbite. The leaning teeth make it hard to chew food because they do not properly connect when biting down. Posterior crossbite is the worst type because it affects the back teeth that are most needed for chewing food.

The type of crossbite that does not pose a big problem for chewing is called anterior crossbite. Although anterior crossbite does not affect chewing food a lot, it can still pose problems. It is important to get crossbite corrected with braces because leaving the condition as it is can lead to your child's teeth becoming loose.

How Can Braces Correct a Child's Crossbite?

Braces are able to correct a child's crossbite through straightening them. Although the brackets placed on the teeth will straighten them up, the dentist will have to place metal wires tightly on the brackets to force teeth to move into position so the brackets will be successful. It is the tightness of the wires that makes the process work.

Over time, the metal wires become loose because teeth move closer together. It is vital for the wires to be tightened again during the time that your child is wearing braces to get desirable results. Your dentist will make sure appointments are set at the clinic so checkups can be done to monitor the progress, which is when the wires will be tightened. There is no set amount of time for wearing braces, as it depends on how severe your child's crossbite is.

Give your child the teeth he or she needs to chew food without a struggle. Investing in braces at a young age will do more than simple improve chewing, but it will also give your child a smile that he or she can feel confident about. Contact a dentist at to get the process for braces started to conquer crossbite problems!